#BeActive Awards 2021: apply now to become a Danish Local Hero nominee

06/25/2021 Irina Coreachina, European Week of Sport Denmark Coordinator

Do you have an inspirational story about a person in your local community, who, from their own initiative, has inspired others to #BeActive? Or maybe you are this person? Apply for a #BeActive Local Hero Award in Denmark and tell the entire country, and even Europe, about it for your chance to win €10,000!

The #BeActive Local Hero Award 2021 is looking to identify an individual who has worked consistently to promote participation in sport and physical activity in their local community and society at large. This person should have a story that shows how they have raised awareness of, inspired and enabled access to physical activity and sport – whether over the course of a season, a year, or more.

About the #BeActive Awards

The #BeActive Awards is a central part of the annual European Week of Sport (EWOS). The Awards are structured in three categories: Education, Workplace and Local Hero. National Coordinating Bodies for the European Week of Sport are responsible for submission of the national nominations to the European Commission, who selects nine finalists (three in each category). All finalists are invited to the #BeActive Awards Gala, happening in autumn, where the winner of each category is announced. The winners receive €10,000 euro each and the finalists €2,500 euro each. 

Copenhagen-based International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) is the National Coordinating Body for EWOS in Denmark. ISCA collaborates with the Danish Federation for Company Sport and the Danish School Sport Federation to select the nominees for the Workplace and Education categories respectively, and announces an open call to select the Local Hero nominee. 

In 2020 Danish IT-company House of Code won the #BeActive Award in the Workplace category. Mette Rytsel from Denmark was among the finalists in the Local Hero category for her initiative Team Fred.

Mette Rytsel, #BeActive Awards 2020 finalist from Denmark

How to apply to become a Danish nominee for Local Hero category?

To apply you need to fill in the following application form. Deadline for submission of the applications – 16 July 2021, 17:00 CEST.

ISCA’s jury will choose one candidate, who will be nominated as the #BeActive Local Hero from Denmark. The winning story will be published on the European Week of Sport Denmark website.

Criteria for entry to the #BeActive Local Hero Award

A potential award winner might be an employee or a volunteer, holding any number of roles, such as a coach, team manager, assistant, club administrator, committee member, fundraiser, teacher, employer, employee, local councillor. The individual must be aged over 18, live in the nominating National Coordinating Body’s country, and have carried out/be carrying out his/her actions at local, national or regional level.

The initiative shall:

  • Inform, inspire and facilitate participation in sport and physical activity
  • Enhance access to sport or physical activity, either by being free or low cost
  • Promote an activity taking into account one or more of the following: age, gender, ethnic background, culture, location and initial fitness level
  • Offer an inspiring and ‘accessible’ personal story

In a nutshell, a #BeActive Local Hero does not need to have turned a team into a winning one or ordinary people into elite athletes, but rather his or her project has to demonstrate that they are a good role model, proving to have inspired or helped people in the local community to take part in sport and physical activity, and having a good personal story to tell about her or his achievements.

Don’t miss your chance to become a #BeActive Local Hero!

If you have any questions in regards to submission of nominations or #BeActive Awards, don’t hesitate to contact us: ic@isca-web.org