Doing your part to get people active? Then apply for a #BeActive Award!


As part of the celebrations around the European Week of Sport (EWoS), promoting sport and physical activity across Europe to people of all ages, abilities or background, three #BeActive Awards will be bestowed upon deserving people, projects or institutions.

The three different awards that will be presented will give recognition to those who have helped promote the European Week of Sports objectives, helping to get more people physically active and involved in sporting activities, while being an inspiring example for others around Europe. Each award represents a distinct strand, and therefore virtually any person on establishment involved in the physical activity sector can be considered for an Award!

The #BeActive Education Award:

This award will be presented to an educational establishment, be that a school, kindergarten, or other learning environment, who can demonstrate that they have promoted active education settings within their institution, while also providing an excellent level of curriculum ingrained sport and physical activity classes. The approach should also have been creative, impactful and sustainable, while also being cost-effective, having as wide a reach as possible, and be able to be replicated. The combination should have engaged and encouraged their students to #BeActive!

The #BeActive Workplace Award:

This award will be presented to a workplace, which could be from virtually any sector and be of any size, that can show how they have promoted the EWoS objectives and encouraged their employees to get active, be that at work, on their commute, or outside of working hours. The approach should also have been creative, impactful and sustainable, while also being cost-effective, having as wide a reach as possible, and be able to be replicated. The result should be a healthier, more active workforce who love to #BeActive!

The #BeActive Local Hero Award:

This award will be presented to an individual who has constantly worked to promote increased participation physical activity and sport both within their local community, and across society as a whole. This inspirational character’s accessible story will show how they have managed to inform, inspire, and enable access to physical activity and sport, be that over the course of a season, or over the course of a decade. They should have done this through ensuring access to activities are either low-cost or free, and promoted the activities while considering different demographics to ensure more people from across society can #BeActive.

Once the applications are in, the national co-ordinators will select three nominees from each category. From here, the European Commission will put a list of finalists to a high profile jury, who will in turn select three nominees from each category as finalists. A representative from the nine finalists from across Europe will be invited to Sofia, Bulgaria, for the Awards Gala. All travel and accommodation will be paid for, and each finalist may be accompanied by another person.

Each of the finalists will receive a certificate at the Gala, and the winner of each of the three awards will also receive a trophy, 5000 euros, and a professionally produced video clip that will help to promote the winners work and activities.

The application deadline is the 31st of July, just under four weeks away. So if your school or workplace has helped to get more people active, or if you know someone from the local community who has devoted their time and energy to getting people involved in physical activity and sport, let us know, and in just a few months’ time they could be in Bulgaria being acknowledged for their excellent for in getting more people to #BeActive.

To apply for an award yourself, nominate someone, or simply find out more information, please contact Danish EWoS National co-ordinator’s secretary general, Jacob Schouenborg at: