In the heart of the European Week of Sport, Denmark dances in the rain at Friday Night Skate

10/03/2023 Manal Najah, ISCA

Within the active atmosphere of the European Week of Sport, Copenhageners embarked on a rolling journey during the Friday Night Skate event on 29 September. Around 375 participants came together at twilight, driven by a shared sense of adventure. Under the playful motto "SHORT AND GOOD... AND WET", the event promised fun and togetherness, even in the face of potential rain showers.

The European Week of Sport and Danmarks Motionsuge campaign is well under way in Denmark, with evening events kicking off the celebrations, like the regular Friday Night Skate. Around 375 participants gathered on a dark evening, everyone wearing a string of colourful lights and ready for a memorable night. Thankfully, the skaters managed to complete the full 10-kilometre route before the rain started to pour.

Witnessing people of all ages rolling through the streets of Copenhagen, even on a rainy Friday night, is a testament to the power of community and shared passion.

Overall, Friday Night Skate's rainy, yet exciting, event perfectly captured the spirit of the European Week of Sport, emphasising the significance of staying active and connected through different seasons. Their determination to carry on, rain or shine, exemplifies the resilience and unity of this vibrant roller skating community.